Dragons Bulletin: November 21, 2016

Posted on November 20th, 2016

A week

Hello, awesome students! Congratulations to all of our athletes for an exciting weekend full of accomplishments. I hope you had some time to relax today, in between studying for Korean exams and/or doing homework. Thanks to Ms. Grayson, we had a wonderful performance on Friday. Ms. Karen Golden told interactive and fun stories to make us laugh and wonder. Don’t forget her request to all of you, which was to pass on her stories to others. Our stories can be our most precious gifts! I challenge each of you to tell 1 story to a teacher or staff member this week.

Korean Tests:

As most of you already know, Korean tests will be held this week during KIS- Reads and Advisory, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Testing will run from 8:25-9:10, meaning that the first block on those days will start about 15 minutes late, at 9:15. Students who do not take the exams will need to report to the library during both sessions.

Uniform Fun:

As we transition into winter uniforms, you may be wondering: why do we ask our students to dress up at all?

Mr. Limkeman recently shared a research study with me, which suggests that if you dress for success, you will actually perform better!

The example given is people wearing a white coat and being told that it was either:

  • a doctor's coat OR

  • a painter's coat

As you might imagine, the people who wore the "doctor's coat" performed better on the task at hand. Which suggests both that dressing for success is important AND it matters even more if you believe that you are dressing professionally!

Click here to discover the strange ways the clothes you wear affect the thoughts you think.

So, if you ever wondered why we have our students wear uniforms, maybe now you understand a little better.

Suco Update:

Winter Lost in Wonderland School Dance (January 20)

Are you interested in performing at the school dance in January? If so, please fill out the attached form by December 15th!

If you have any questions, please contact Doomin or Cellina.

Coming up:



Nov 21

Start of Season 2 Sports

November 22-23

Korean Exams. GOOD LUCK!

November 24


Wishing our American KIS faculty and students a day full of love and gratitude.

November 26

TedxKISJeju Event

Dec 8 and 9

Winter Arts Day

Annie Jr. Performance

Dec 14

8th Grade Assembly

Color Group Spirit Day

Dec 16

Half Day for students

Dec 19- Jan 8

Winter Break


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