STAR DRAGONS: Week of Nov 21

Posted on November 24th, 2016

Bryan Park 7 Bryan has become very proactive in his learning. In Social Studies, Bryan went above and beyond expectations by asking to reflect on a class activity in his growth portfolio. In Makerspace, Bryan is taking control of his learning when requesting supplies and working incredibly hard on all of his projects.
David Jung 6 David has excelled the last couple weeks in Social Studies, using his work for the exemplary example in class. He has excelled in Math completing the hardest problem challenge of the year, and in STEM his ideas and process have been far ahead of his peers.
Kristy, Lee 8 Kristy "Navigates the present, and considers the future" by constantly showing effort in everything she does. By Kristy applying herself, she shows an awareness that actions today, will lead to success tomorrow. She shows this in her friendships, academics, and willingness to try new things. Congratulations, Kristy!


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