STAR DRAGONS: Week of Oct 26, 2016

Posted on November 20th, 2016

Peter Song
6 Peter acted very responsibly during the fall festival in organizing and running the white diamonds booth. He stayed to attend to the balloon game when it wasn't his shift and helped get more candy when the white group ran out. He has acted responsibly since the beginning of the school year in all of his classes as well. Peter acts responsible in all aspects of being a student at KIS!
Kitty, Jun 8 Kitty showed what it looks like to "Act Responsibly" by, among other things, attended fall conferences....even though unfortunately her parents could not attend. Kitty now only come to conferences, she took the time to sit down with each of her teachers, have a thoughtful conversation about her progress, and show she was serious about her progress as a student. Kitty also shows responsibility through seeking extra input from her teachers outside of class, and is a dedicated reader to help her language acquisition.
Lucia Park 7 Lucia is an exceptionally responsible student. She is noted for her ability to understand, and act responsibly. She understands that the things she is a part of are larger than she is, and acts accordingly. A specific example of this is in her Set Design Club, where she always checking to make sure she is meeting deadlines, and helping others towards theirs as well. She always shows initiative and follow through in her daily activities. She is a model of responsibility for other students.

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